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blumberg. and also the fact that the governor, chris christie and the endorsement from mayor michael bloomberg? >> there was a good narrative of bipartisanship between chris christy and president obama. what this storm did it is brought out the issue of climate change. that has been silent. perhaps motivate some policies in the young people. >> this entire issue of bipartisan is it enough to help in terms of the president's campaign or could this hurt? >> i do not know if this is really making a difference. right now, is about getting people to the polls that is where the weather has made a difference. after roads are flooded or if the polling places are open. brigham also the swing state it is been the same states for months. >> also all roads lead to ohio. he only needs to have one, two other remaining swing states. for governor romney he is going to be a round the table for everything else. pam yaki will join us later and if you'd like to connect with michael yaki you can follow him on twitter. or read his block michael yaki .com read his blog ban8:00 p.m. at 8:00 p.m. coverage fo
us a first hand look. the efforts to clean up and rebuilt. >> president obama joining chris christie of storm ravaged new jersey. this took the worst battering from sandy. with the blue skies came a clear picture of the damage. the iconic seaside heights amusement park on the jersey shore to the ravaged queens. a fire, flooding. >> lower manhattan the appearance of the business as usual with me your b bloombe where trading was halted monday, tuesday. however, but flooded tunnels and power outages clogging public transportation there is a long way for returning to normal. >> this is a long term recovery effort. that is how we need to think about it. >> across the hudson in hoboken, new jersey the national guard were helping thousands of residents trapped by floodwaters. and worn out by the last couple of days. there we are trying to regroup. and i have to come back. >> elisabeth krondon kron 4, >> the portion of lower manhattan was in the dark on tuesday evening. take a look but brooklyn is lit up what a sight. the utility company made 1.9 million people are still without power tonigh
on injuries. governor crist christie saying that this is beyond anything he had ever seen. >> the storm damage is not limited to new jersey. we just saw a new york, manhattan with 15 different states. toured south carolina all the way up to the state of maine. and in the north pole, va. take a look at this flooding. the north folk. -virginia with the water. and in northern virginia large trees have toppled over onto a roof. they have also crushed cars with widespread power outages in virginia. snowfall is also a major factor. this has merged with a cool front with pennsylvania, maryland and north carolina, west virginia, tennessee, ohio. they all seem immeasurable snowfall because of these in west virginia these mountains in the west virginia. are getting the most. take a look. this is a dog. even the snow plows palm fruit over 2 ft. of snow on west virginia. it is a wet snow. --wet-snowplows already dealing with this and already people and inland and ohio are without power. it is also being as west as chicago, wisconsin, video from chicago. check out of lake michigan. these angry waves of 20
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3